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Grand Opening Bash with Lumè Lash

Grand Opening Celebrations

If you live under a rock and haven’t heard the AMAZING news, then you’re about to find out. Lumè has expanded and now has two additional locations, one in Fort Myers and one in North Naples.

From on-site eyelash extension demonstrations to a ribbon cutting ceremony, the grand opening was the place to be. And if you missed them? Don’t worry, the new locations are STILL the place to be. First, I have to show how amazing these grand openings were. The energy and excitement filled every room, new clients swarmed in talking to their future technicians, and I can’t not mention how yummy the food was. 

If you’re new to the Blah Blah Blog, then you probably don’t know that I recently moved to Naples and have to say, I haven’t made a WHOLE lot of friends yet. So going to the grand opening was amazing for me, because I met a lot of other people who share many of the same interests as me, I took super cute “instagrammable” pictures in front of the photo wall, and all around had a great time. There was even a DJ, if that helps to put into perspective for you how cool this was. If not, we have lots of pictures to visualize it. 

Eyelash Extension Demonstrations at Fort Myers Grand Opening

A Family Affair 

The Fort Myers location is owned by sisters Kay Smith and Corrinda Hallman. You can just FEEL the energy radiating off these two when you walk into Lumé. Corrinda’s daughter Gabi runs the front desk and makes the perfect family/company addition. One common misconception people might have is that when a business is booming and growing like Lumé is, there’s some corporate, stuck up business owners behind it. But that would be the furthest thing from true. These women treat you like long-time friends and that kind of service you don’t find just anywhere. 

These two women tell me that they would drive from Fort Myers to the Lumè on Radio Road EACH time they needed a fill for their lashes. Their friends would constantly ask who did their lashes and they would have to explain that they go allllllll the way to Naples for this quality work. But instead of spending money on gas and time out of their day every two weeks to get there, they chose to invest that time and money into becoming franchise owners. The rest is history as they opened their very own Lumé in Fort Myers so that everyone could experience what they do. Not to mention, they quit jobs that they had been at for YEARS to pursue this dream. Was it all worth it? They say absolutely.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Fort Myers Lumé

Cupcake “Lumè” to Celebrate the Grand Opening

The North Naples Lumè is just the same. Another family-orientated location run by Nina and Michael Diaz. Not only partners in life, but also partners in business. Nina was an eyelash technician for years at the Lumè in Central Naples, so she had an experienced background in the business and knew the in’s and out’s of Lumè. Her two children were in attendance of the grand opening, doing everything from running the front desk to calling out the names of who won the lavish door prizes. It was seriously adorable. 

The Diaz’s really hit the jackpot with this beautiful and spacious location. There’s a whole retail section for clients to shop and get hip with Lumè’s “wearable winks,” giant individual rooms and the trendiest eyelash decor covering the walls. My suggestion? Get there and see it all for yourself. Not only is Nina the sweetest, but she won’t let you leave unsatisfied and mark my words, you’ll end up booked out for the season.

“This has been an amazing experience and journey. I thought it was a great opportunity to be part of a company that is so established and in such a small amount of time, with such great client retention and notoriety around the company,” – Nina Diaz

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at North Naples Lumè

One of Many Rooms at North Naples Lumè

Franchise to Fortune

Since debuting the opportunity to franchise with Lumè Lash in January 2019, Michelle and Tom Nelson have been beside the new owners every step of the way to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. And let me tell you: Everything. Is. Perfect. From both stores being stunning and in great locations, to the exceptional services being offered. Stop by and check out the new locations and you will leave inspired to join in on the Lumé franchise opportunity. And if that’s the case? Here’s what you should do:

  1. If you’re serious about becoming a Lumè Franchise owner, go to www.lumelash.com and fill out the franchise opportunity form and it will be delivered to the VP of Sales, Christian Batchelder. From there he will contact you and you can schedule a webinar, which is an interactive video where you will be presented with in-detail information about Lumè Lash, and you can ask questions while going through the consultation.
  1. Be ready for hands-on owners helping you every step of the way. Michelle and Tom Nelson have SO MUCH EXPERIENCE. It’s unreal. Michelle has been doing eyelashes for over 18 years, while Tom has a long history as a very accomplished business leader. Michelle will be doing all of the training for technicians, while Tom will be doing all of the training on the business side. 

So what they want you to know is if you have no experience at all with these two aspects of Lumé, they still got you covered. You will be taught everything that you need to know and within 3 to 4 months, you will have a business up and running! We will cover getting your business out to the press, ensuring that people know all about an upcoming location, and an AMAZING grand opening like Fort Myers and North Naples had. 

Lumè Owners Michelle and Tom Nelson at Fort Myers Grand Opening

Kay and Corrinda were once just loyal customers who decided to take a chance and becoming business owners. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! You just have to be dedicated and go for it. Lumé is looking to expand across the United States, so if you live in another state, there’s a plan for you too! Just bring yourself (the franchise owner) and the technicians that you will be employing to Naples, Florida. Michelle and Tom will dedicate a week of non-stop training to get you completely ready for this next step toward your dream as an entrepreneur. 

And if you don’t want to take advice from me or allllll the new business owners, well then, here’s some input from Christian, the Lumé VP of Sales: 

We have plenty of reasons on our website that state all of the positive reasons to get involved and open your very own LUME store. Putting the many standard business/franchise benefits aside and the fact I’ve been involved with other franchises, there are few reasons that LUME stands out from sea of hungry competitors. Michelle and Tom Nelson are single handedly the elephant in the room, the owner/operators. Not only are they genuine real people, they literally built this thriving business with blood, sweat & tears and continue onwards every single day with the same dedication as the day they started. It’s the passion that they and others within the company share that is able to provide outstanding quality/services that make so many people happy. I can literally see the happiness that our products and services bring people, it changes their outlook on their personal appearance for the better. It’s not that you need lashes to feel good but hey, once you have them, tell me it doesn’t make you feel better. Our services aren’t for everyone, but we will make sure that the ones who do want what we have to offer….it will be industry leading and no other company will compare, we guarantee it. You can find more information on our website.

New Locations, New Deals

Both Fort Myers and North Naples are running exclusive deals to kick off their new businesses. Only for the month of September, these two locations will be doing $75 full sets and $40 fills! Can you believe that? Especially with Lumè quality work, you cannot miss this. The hours are also changed up a bit for the new locations. 

Fort Myers

Open Monday through Friday 9 am to 7 pm

Open Saturday 9 am to 4 pm

Open Sunday 11 am to 4 pm

With 6 lash technicians

9903 Gulf Coast Main St. Fort Myers, Florida


North Naples 

Open Monday 11 am to 6 pm

Open Tuesday through Friday 8 am to 8 pm

Open Saturday 9 am to 3 pm

Closed Sunday

With 4 lash technicians

2700 Immokalee Rd. Unit #4 Naples, Florida


So get to the Lumé website and book your appointments before you miss this amazing deal. While you’re there, click on the “Franchise” tab to get more in-detail information on the opportunity of a lifetime!

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