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Labor Free Day with Lumè!

It’s time to work less!

Let’s get real for a second. I struggle with a little bit of confidence issues, like many women do. We don’t like to admit it, that’s why some of us hide in the bathroom on our work break to apply a second, third, maybe even fourth round of mascara. In between drinks with the girls, knowing that if my eyelashes were touched up just a litttttttle bit.. I might look a lot better. Now if you happened to read the last blog I posted “Q&A With the Master Lash Technician, Michelle Nelson,” then you’d know I’m fairly new to the eyelash game (and if you haven’t read, you should!).  I was pleasantly surprised with the confidence I gained from having a full set of lashes instead of my glunky mascara. Not to mention, the room in my purse I replaced with shimmery lip gloss instead of hauling around an overused bright pink tube of mascara. 

But the time I saved going to the bathroom between courses, drinks, breaks at work… was spent doing way more enjoyable things than touching up my eyelashes. I filled those extra moments with more laughs and being more productive than looking in a bathroom mirror hoping the next lady to walk in doesn’t judge me for filling my spare moments with makeup in hand. We all can agree that eyelashes give us that look. But mascara isn’t truly customized to the look we want. Sure, it usually gives us some dark lashes… but I’m a cat eye type of girl. I love the long dramatic lashes on the outer corner of my eyes. And since becoming a self-proclaimed eyelash addict, there’s no turning back to the overused bright pink tube of mascara. It just can’t compare. 

The flawless lashes that don’t require much more than a simple brush through them have really cut down my getting ready time in the mornings. I’m not standing as still as possible, putting dark liquid onto my eyelashes hoping that I don’t accidentally tap my eyelid with the mascara brush, leaving black dots all over me like a Dalmatian. I don’t have to search for a q-tip to wipe the globs of unwanted mascara off, hoping it doesn’t spread and make me look like a sixth grader putting on makeup for the first time. 

In fact…… the most labor you have to do is two times a week using these tips and products.

  1. Get your Lumè cleansing brush and Lumè foam eyelash cleanser in hand.
  2. Put a pump of foam on the tip of your cleaning brush and then use that on your lash line and beautiful Lumè lashes.
  3. Work the foam into your lashes with a circular, downward motion. Clean that lash line properly!! 
  4. Get a damp washcloth and gently tap the excess foam off of your lashes.
  5. Use a hair dryer on the coldest setting to dry the lashes while using your Lumè lash brush in a crisscross/side-to-side motion that will fluff the eyelash extensions open to be as voluptuous as possible . 

You don’t have to do this in the morning, so you can save yourself those extra few moments of coffee and enjoying time relaxing. Twice a week and before your next lash appointment are best. Doing this before every lash fill ensures clean lashes for the best retention.

For a visual demonstration, check out Lumè’s Instagram TV. Follow @lume_lash_brow_beauty and when you get to the Lumè profile, click the icon that looks like a little television. You will see the video labeled “How to clean your lashes.” 

All products used in the cleaning process are available on the Lumè website store, or in person at Lumè Lash. Brow. Beauty! Don’t forget to check under the tab “About Us” then click “Press” to find out weekly blog posts every Monday that could be the answer to any questions you might be having! 

Don’t labor away….. Have yourself a Lumè day!

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