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July 3, 2019



Lumè Lash Brow Beauty Offers Opportunity to Revolutionize Beauty Industry


NAPLES, FL — How many businesses do you know that have been awarded the best in their county after being open only 6 months? Lumè Lash Brow Beauty is one, and owners Michelle and Tom Nelson know their industry. They’re seeking out those who desire to be their own boss, while expanding their rapidly growing beauty business. Maximizing profits and giving unparalleled support is a top priority for this highly experienced team, who promises long-term success. 


Seasonal clients of Lumè Lash again and again return to Naples longing for another location in their hometown. Not only were clients unhappy with their lashes at home salons, but they also wished for the many exceptional services that Michelle and Tom Nelson offer at their award-winning store. Specialties unique to Lumè Lash include Lash Friendly Facials (LFF), microneedling, chemical peels, dermaplaning, effortless microbladed brows and their very own handmade lashes. 


“We don’t settle for anything less than exceptional. This is how we have boomeranged to the top in a short 3 years with two open locations and several more to come. How did this happen? What makes us different is our handmade lashes. Volume lashes are a top trend. Doing a quality service without damage is our main concern,” said Michelle Nelson.


Behind the beauty scene, many years of experience contribute to making this specific beauty store so successful. Michelle Nelson is a master lash technician with over 18 years of experience, and has been an esthetician for 21 years. Nationally published, Michelle developed many key techniques of the trade that make them the top lash technicians in the nation. Partner Tom Nelson has years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company, managing a team funding 4.2 billion a year. Tom was also a sales and marketing director who taught sales consultants how to market and grow their business. He put together a strategy to help potential technicians be the highest paid in the industry. Most lash technicians average $20,000-60,000, while Lumè Lash full-time specialists make $80,000 and up! Together, Michelle and Tom have one united cause; to build a national quality franchise that will revolutionize the beauty industry. 


About Lumè Lash Brow Beauty

Lumè Lash’s innovative and unique services have made it the most trusted and popular beauty business in Naples, Florida. Check out their website, for more information on how to get started on their national franchise opportunity, and how to become your own boss working alongside business experts.