Volume Lashes

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Lash Lifting

  1. It attracts a wider clientele. Not everyone loves the maintenance of eyelash extensions, and other people feel cost is a factor. Lash lifting services require less maintenance and are more cost effective as results can last eight weeks.
  2. It retains clients who become irritated by or intolerant of eyelash extensions. On the rare occasion a client has a reaction to extensions, lash providers typically lose this client. Lash lifting services as a “fall back” for these types of clients, allowing you to retain their business.
  3. It’s a super easy service to perform. Unlike eyelash extensions, which take a great deal of energy, skill and patience to master, lash lifting can be learned in one afternoon! The benefits: You can immediately add it to your service menu as well as grow your staff, thanks to the quick learning curve.
  4. It adds credibility to you as a well- rounded lash provider. Plain and simple: When you add multiple lash services, like tinting and lifting, you become more of a lash expert. Clients like the fact that, when it comes to lashes, you offer it all!
  5. It gives your body a break! No doubt about it: Performing eyelash extensions stresses your body. “Adding lash lifting allows you downtime to stretch while waiting for the solutions to process (seven to 12 minutes),” she says.