Volume Lashes

Why do the lash artist change glues?

Why do you see different lash glues out when you get your lash’s done? Because your lash artist keeps an eye on the temperature and humidity. In your shop you should see Thermometer Hygrometer Electronic Temperature Humidity meters. There are glues with a 1-2 second dry time up to 5-6 seconds. Ideally you want the shop to be between 50-70% humidity but with people coming and going you can not keep it in those ranges. So for this purpose the artist will change glues base on dry times and viscosity.

Every shop should carry at least six different glues at all times. The should have D, D+, S, S+, TS and a sensitive glue. After trying a number of sensitive glues Lady Black is the best on the market for volume lashing and the hold time is outstand for a sensitive glue.

If you go to a shop that uses one glue for all clients run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!