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100% Nature Plant Extract PCD Cream Tattoo Ink


At LashOut Beauty Bar we only us 100% Nature Plant Extract PCD Cream Tattoo Ink for Eyebrow/Lip/Body Permanent Tattoo Makeup. This plant extract is cost 10 times more that the tattoo inks others are using. We only use natural products for our customers to keep from fading and discoloration.

The latest technique (Clone Embroidery) produces a natural looking brow that mimics that of the original. When done at LashOut a perfectly embroidered brow looks lush, gorgeous and natural.

When selecting a salon for microblading ask to review the artist work. Ask what type of inks they use and if they show you a liquid ink run. This is meant to go deep into the skin and the artist does not know this process. Like everything else there are people who are the cutting edge and use top product. Then there are other just riding the wave with cheap products.