Volume Lashes

Benefits of Lash Extensions

Experience the real benefits of this must have beauty treatment. Individual Eyelash Extensions are perfect for thin natural lashes that need volume and fullness, shorter natural lashes that need length and straight natural lashes that require a curl to lift and frame your face.

Application takes 1 ½ – 2 hours. No makeup or contact lenses should be worn on day of application.

  • Enhance and lift the eyes to give eyelashes a full bodied, natural effect
  • Extra length in your eyelashes that frame your eyes naturally and beautifully
  • Provide a natural looking fullness and length to natural lashes
  • Time saving – in both daily beauty maintenance and appointments
  • Feels natural and weightless and protects your natural eyelashes
  • Extensions are resistant to water

For most individuals, eyelash extensions will last from 3-8 weeks. The growth and shedding process of your natural lashes (usually about every three week) will cause the extensions to fall off gradually. Much like acrylic nails, eyelash extensions can last indefinitely with regular refills. Refresh appointments are scheduled every two to three weeks. Refresh appointments take just up to 60 minutes.