Volume Lashes

Customer Email

From: Cecile
Sent: Monday, August 1, 2016 6:14 PM
To: Sweet,
Subject: Lash Extensions at Lash Out Beauty Bar

Hi Ladies’!

I have run the gauntlet on lash extensions and found one woman/business owner that is an artiste.  Just got her to fix the mess I have been getting from Amazing Lash.  She is having a special for a full set $100 in August.  They just moved in to new space on Radio Road and wants to promote for new customers before high season.  She uses silk, can do full volume and she spent 1 hour fixing my mess!!!  Amazing Lash uses synthetic extensions .  My experience at Amazing Lash was my lashes were so uncomfortable I knew they were there.  For a full set they spent 45 minutes.  Michelle spent 45 minutes just fixing the mess. When Michelle did my lashes and she can get to the tough spots inside the eye and outside  I never felt the discomfort that I did at Amazing Lash.  I told the senior lash lady at Amazing Lash  I would rather have a route canal than have to see her every 3 weeks.  Touch ups at Lash Out Beauty Bar are $60 every 3-4 weeks and they don’t take your credit card and continue to charge like Amazing Lash , they are hitting me for $60 more.  They required a 30 day notice!!!!  Lisa you should go to this place for $100 you will be very pleased!!! Dena you too girl.  All those kids and responsibilities.  You no longer have to wear makeup!!! Pay cash and get a touch up free!